Six Figure Solo Membership

Being an Amiga is more than being a number in an online group chat. Amigas are passionately-inspired female mother attorneys driven by a force only Lady Liberty truly understands.


Yet, as our name implies, we are more than just strong justice-seekers, we are a community of real ladies, facing challenges and stress not many do. Because of this, we realize the importance of sharing our triumphs, celebrating our wins, and encouraging one another through our challenges. Not to mention, you never can receive too many funny gifs after a bad client interaction. 

That’s why when you become an Amiga, you become a friend and ally in law, business, and life. We can no longer tackle this alone, and we don’t have to.

We invite you to join us and see what’s it like to receive help on cases, obtain weekly training and education, laugh with fellow lawyer ladies, and boldly step into the vulnerability of being “real” in a work culture that demands perfection.

We’re pretty sure you’ll find yourself overjoyed to be a part of this level of support and value, but don’t take our word for it. Meet some of our fellow Amigas and hear their stories.

Monthly Business-Themed Power Hours

As a Six Figure Solo member you will receive access to monthly Power Hour webinars created just for you and your business.

Jam-Packed Workbooks

These workbooks will inspire you and provide you tools to advance in your business.

Monthly Coaching Phone Call

Monthly calls where you can ask specific questions and get consulting about your business's needs.

Exclusive Discounts

You will receive special discount codes, solely for Six Figure Solo members to redeem for digital products and conferences.