T Visa Toolkit

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T Visa Toolkit


Revolutionize your practice with this T Visa toolkit. For years I was overlooking an incredibly important tool for my clients... the T Visa.

Did you know that if your clients entered with coyotes, they may qualify for the T Visa?

Did you know that if your client worked for someone who didn't pay him proper wages, overtime, or provide appropriate wages, s/he could possibly be eligible for the T Visa?

National award-winning attorney, Helen Tarokic, has created conferences to teach you how to identify victims of human trafficking, how to prepare a T Visa application, and more. 

With this toolkit, you will receive 2 years of live-recorded conferences, the content of which spans from beginner to advanced. 

You will also get over $10,000 in attorney work product- from legal arguments to Request for Evidence responses. 

This toolkit will provide you with every single thing that you need to transform the lives of your clients and your practice with the T Visa. 

Don't wait! Get this today! 

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