Find Joy in 5 Minutes or Less

By: Ally Lozano, CEO and Founder

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There is something contagious about the laughter of children. They find entertainment in the smallest of things. Their imaginations can spark moments of pure bliss for nearly any and every reason imaginable. Somehow as we journey through life, we lose that ability to appreciate the joy that is accessible to us at nearly every moment of the day.

My husband teases me because I laugh at everything, and I always respond, "It's because I am so joyful!" I want to be able to laugh and have fun and take things lightly. As lawyers we bear burdens of our clients and take on their battles, which is hard. Our work is serious. That means that throughout the day there need to be moments of absolute joy where we can let go of any sort of self-consciousness and seriousness and channel our inner children.

This week, I challenge you to reignite that joy within you by taking 5-10 minutes to simply play, create, laugh, and re-engaged in life in a new way.  

Here are a few ways that you can get started. I bet you can do most of them today!

- Turn on your favorite song and dance around the room. (I personally love dancing while putting on my makeup in the mornings)
- Write a rhyming poem with the silliest words you can think of with the intention of it being just fun.
- Draw a picture. Even if it is with mere stick figures.
- Text a stick figure drawing to someone. (My teenager and I do this back and forth. It always makes us laugh.)
- Sing a song at the top of your lugs (Alanis Morrisette's Ironic is always a good one!)
- Do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups. It seems small but there does feel like a sense of accomplishment in doing them!
- Savor a cup of coffee or tea without grabbing your phone.
- Write a "10 reasons that I love you" list for your significant other, children, or a close friend.
- Eat dinner by candlelight.
- Pull out a book you've been meaning to read and get through 10 pages. (Bonus points if you make it through the full first chapter.)
- Make a gratitude list
- Skip.
- Swing your arms while holding hands.
- Go out for ice cream sundaes.
- Weed out your social media fits of posts and shares that bring you down.
- Start on a project that you've been wanting to get done.
- Connect with a friend or loved one you haven't spoken to in a while. Text or email to say that you are thinking about her.
- Spend 5 minutes in silence sending loving thoughts to others and to yourself.
- Hug a puppy or pet a kitty that is up for adoption.

These are just a few ways to reconnect with joy in 5 minutes or less! What other ways do you like to find joy on a daily basis?

About your Ally in Life, Business and Law:

Alexandra "Ally" Lozano is a national award-winning attorney and the founder of AMIGA Lawyers and Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law.. After becoming a mother, and in a matter of 3 months, Ally transformed her practice from earning in pesos to earning 6-figures and she is passionate about teaching attorneys how they can do the same. Ally empowers lawyers to be the CEOs of their law firms with her weekly blog, webinars, and conferences where she teaches step-by-step how to do the work they love while running a profitable legal business. Ally lives outside of Seattle with her husband and their 5 children.