By Ally Kennedy, Founder of Amiga

So far we have had our consultation with our client and went through the sign up process with them. At this point we have all the client's needed information and documents. Now we begin preparing the client's case. This is where automation becomes highly important because it creates an environment where you are able to delegate the work out to your team and get the quickest turn around times.  

Step 1

The VA uses the questionnaires to begin filling out forms, writing the declaration, updating the template legal arguments by case type, and personalizing the case summary document. This is the packet that we submit to USCIS.

You can access our template legal arguments and Case Summary Documents in our case specific packages here.

Step 2

The VA messages the lawyer and LA to let them know that all documents have been prepared.

Step 3

The LA prints out the entire packet, including the cover letter/ case summary sheet, legal argument, declaration, forms, index of documents, and all supporting documents and gets it to the lawyer to review.

Step 4

The lawyer reviews everything and makes any changes by hand. (We do this by hand because of my own personal preference. Other attorneys I know do this electronically for review.) Each correction is marked with a post-it note so that the LA can quickly flip to the page that needs to be changed. The attorney returns the packet to the LA.

Step 5

Between the LA and the VA, all changes are made to the documents and the final revisions with the attorney's edits and case theory are applied. The final packet is printed by the LA.


Come back next week for part 4, Client Signature and Case Submission!

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