By Ally Kennedy, Founder of Amiga

We are in part two on how to achieve an automated law firm. Last week in part 1 we went over the consultation process. This week we are going to be going over the sign up process.

Step 1

When the client comes in to sign up, 99% of the time s/he comes prepared with every single document from the quote sheet, as discussed in part 1. The LA greets the client and collects the documents. She lets the Business Manager know that the client is there and ready to sign the contract.

Then the LA begins scanning the documents and listing them on the Index of Documents List that is submitted with the application and organized by case type. Here are the Index of Document Lists by case type:

Step 2

The client meets with the Business Manager to go over the contract and sign it. We have two types of contracts, one is the “all-inclusive” contract where nothing is charged outside of the legal fee and all of the ancillary costs are built into the price and the other is the flat fee contract where we have costs broken out separately. (Click on the links to download the contracts.)

Step 3

Then, the client meets with the LA. First the LA will collect all the supporting documents that the client. She usually scans them when the client is with the attorney in Step 4. She does the Case Questionnaires that we have created based on case type. There are two important things about our questionnaires: (1) the clients do NOT do them themselves, rather the LA sits with them and asks them the questions and fills in the answers and (2) we do not use any immigration forms software because our process is actually faster.

Here are the questionnaires by case type:

Step 4

The lawyer meets with the client to begin to prepare the declarations, if necessary for the case type. We have declaration guides by case type that guide the questions and conversations.

Here are the declaration guides by case type:

(Note that if a declaration is not required, the attorney will go in for the contract signing to answer any questions the client may have)

Step 5

The LA returns all original documents to the client during the attorney meeting. The client schedules an appointment to come in and sign forms and the declaration within 1-2 weeks. The client leaves.

Step 6

The attorney messages the VA through MyCase to inform her that the questionnaires are ready for her to begin preparing the case.


Join us next week we will be going through case preparation in part 3!

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