By Ally Kennedy, Founder of Amiga

There is a secret to running a law firm and living the life of your dreams: automation. Automation means having a process-dependent law firm instead of a people-dependent law firm. Every single thing that your law firm does, from answer the phones to preparing a case, must be boiled down to a process. During the upcoming weeks, I am going to walk you through the process step by step on how to effectively automate your law firm.

The Goal of a Fully-Automated Law Firm:

  • Be in regular contact with existing clients so that they are fully informed about their cases with each step of the process

  • Have a turn-around time of 2 weeks or less on all affirmative cases

  • Empower every team member to take a well-defined role in the case preparation process

  • Elevate the firm to earn 7-figures

We have achieved the first three and by year-end we will have achieved the fourth. This is how we do it.

Main Players

We have 4 people who make this system work:

  1. Lawyer

  2. In-Office Legal Assistant (LA)

  3. Virtual Assistant (VA)

  4. Business Manager

The Process- Step 1: Consultation Plus Quote Sheet

The LA greets the client and provides him/her with the intake sheet. They fill it out and bring it to the attorney. Because your legal assistant is the first image of your law firm, it is important that they are trained in customer service and know how to make your potential client a client. The AMIGA Power Hour, Customer Service Like a Pro, will walk your assistant through the key factors that will make your client feel like they can trust and rely on you and your firm.

The attorney performs the consultation, tells the client what he/she is eligible for, and provides a quote sheet that is tailored to the case type. The quote sheet states what evidence and documents are necessary to begin the case along with a statement to plan 2-3 hours for the sign-up appointment.

Here are the quote sheets by case type in our done-for-you Amiga Docs:

More Amiga Docs coming soon:

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Consular Processing

  • T Visa

  • Affirmative Asylum

  • Defensive Asylum

  • Cancellation of Removal

Next week we will be walking you through the sign up process with key tips to improve case turn around times in part 2!

About your Ally in Life, Business and Law:

Alexandra "Ally" Kennedy is a national award-winning attorney and the founder of AMIGA Lawyers and Alexandra Kennedy Immigration Law.. After becoming a mother, and in a matter of 3 months, Ally transformed her practice from earning in pesos to earning 6-figures and she is passionate about teaching attorneys how they can do the same. Ally empowers lawyers to be the CEOs of their law firms with her weekly blog, webinars, and conferences where she teaches step-by-step how to do the work they love while running a profitable legal business. Ally lives outside of Seattle with her partner and their 5 children.