How to Have a High-Impact Client Relationship

By: Ally Lozano, CEO and Founder

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Clients are the heartbeat of your legal business. For this reason many lawyers are taking the turn from a transaction-based business model to a client-centered business model. In order to have a high-impact client relationship, there are things that can be done to make the clients feel valued, special, and important. When you cultivate the client relationship, it has an impact that goes far beyond just the transaction. You leave a lasting impression that will make your clients more likely to hire you in the future and/or recommend your services to their friends and family.

Here are a few ideas on how to have a high impact on your client relations:

1. Send a "thank you" card after the consultation

Build into your processes in your law firm that everyone who does a consultation with you gets a "thank you" card for coming in. This can be done easily and cheaply by ordering a postcard that is branding with your firm's info and be filled in quickly by hand. You can write in, "It was a pleasure to meet you! I hope to be able to serve you in the future." Then you hand address it and voila, you have a personalized thank you card that will remind a potential client of you, your firm, and your service a few days after the consultation.

2. Provide consultations with a branded folder and quote letter

At the consultation when you determine that you can provide the person with legal services, print out a quote letter with the (1) services you offer, (2) the cost of the services, and (3) what they need in order to get started, such as documentation. Give this to the client in a folder that is branded to your law firm and that contains your business card and the business card of any other key members of your law firm (such as your business manager).

Now we use a professionally printed, branded folder that you can buy here, but we used to just use a regular two pocket folder and stuck our address label on the front that contained our logo, address and phone number. Sometimes buying pre-printed address labels can be outside of your budget, so you can make them yourself with Avery labels

Here's a pro tip:
Pre-print quote sheets per case type. Designate a colored folder per case type. For example, for an immigration attorney: U Cert quote letters are in blue files, T Visa quote letters are in red folders, etc. That way it's already ready for the client and you just pull out the corresponding folder.

3. Mail Clients a Sign Up Gift

The decision to invest in an attorney is a big decision. Show your clients that you value their trust and their investment by mailing a small sign-up gift after they sign a contract with your law firm. For example, a branded mug from Vistaprint is only $10 per mug, which is a small cost compared to what they are paying you for your services. Mail it to the clients so that way it's a small surprise that they get in their mailbox. It's another "touch"  that keeps you on their minds.

4. Send Quarterly "Hello" Cards

With each new season it's an opportunity to tell current (and past!) clients that you are thinking of them. Again, you can send a postcard that is themed for the season or time of year (for example, something expressing thanks to them around the Thanksgiving holiday), have everyone in your firm sign it, write a short note, and mail it out to them. Also, if you keep a mailing list in an Avery mailing label template, you can add to it each time you have a new client and it will be easy to just print off the mailing labels and mail out the postcards.

5. Send a Small Closing Gift

When the case has closed, apart from the closing letter, send a small "congratulations" gift or other token to celebrate the end of the case and/or as a thank you for their business. Again it should be something personalized and branded from your law firm so you can leave a lasting impression on your client and so s/he can feel spoiled by you and your firm.

What other ideas do you have that can make a high-impact on client relations?

About your Ally in Life, Business and Law:

Alexandra "Ally" Lozano is a national award-winning attorney and the founder of AMIGA Lawyers and Alexandra Kennedy Immigration Law.. After becoming a mother, and in a matter of 3 months, Ally transformed her practice from earning in pesos to earning 6-figures and she is passionate about teaching attorneys how they can do the same. Ally empowers lawyers to be the CEOs of their law firms with her weekly blog, webinars, and conferences where she teaches step-by-step how to do the work they love while running a profitable legal business. Ally lives outside of Seattle with her husband and their 5 children.