FACEBOOK LIVE: How this New Tool Can Change Your Business

By Lauren Eagan

Recently, Facebook released a new feature called Facebook Live, which allows an individual or business to livestream a video on their Facebook page. Used optimally, Facebook Live has the potential to more than double the number of new consultations your firm receives each week and can substantially grow your business.


Build Up Your Followers

For Facebook Live posts to be most effective, you need to build up your following on Facebook with individuals in your target market. The best way to do this is by using Facebook ads, which you can create directly through your business Facebook page. When creating your Facebook ads, make sure to specify your target market. Think about your ideal client’s age, nationality, language, and interests when setting the parameters of your ad. 

Once you have created your ad, select a plan within your budget, and let the ad run. Ideally, you should run the ad indefinitely to continue generating new Likes and new potential business every day. 


Prepare for Your Facebook Live Post

Once you’ve built up your followers - around 2,000 is a good number - start planning your first Facebook Live post. Do some research online to see when people are most active on Facebook to plan your post for a time when your followers will most likely see it. The statistics change all the time, so find something recent. Once you’ve picked a day and time, advertise it to your followers by posting an announcement on your Facebook page the day before or the day of the Facebook Live event.

Think of a topic to discuss in your Facebook Live post. When you first start recording, it will take a few minutes for your followers to start watching and asking questions, so you will want to prepare something to talk about to fill that empty space. Pick a topic that will appeal to your target client and that you feel confident discussing.


Stream Your Facebook Live Post

At this point, you’re ready to go. Facebook Live is only available through the Facebook app on your phone, so find a place with a neutral background where you can sit or stand while holding your phone comfortably. Then, go to your business Facebook page and click “Post.” If you want, write a little text about your upcoming post, and then select “Go Live.” 

Once you press the button, your video will begin live streaming on your business Facebook page, so start talking! Here are some tips to remember as you are streaming:

  • Be yourself - potential clients like to see a real person on the screen
  • Pause occasionally to remind viewers to post their questions in the comments section
  • When responding to a comment, address the commenter by name
  • Regularly give your firm’s phone number
  • Offer a discount of some sort for people who call during or within one hour of the Facebook Live post - perhaps 20% off the first consultation
  • Have someone answering the phones during and after the post


Follow Up

When you’re finished streaming, go to Facebook on your computer and pin the Facebook Live post to the top of your page. This will make it easy for new followers to find the video and watch it if they missed it live.

In the days after your post, you will likely received messages and additional comments from your Facebook followers. Pay attention to your Facebook page and promptly respond to these contacts. The most effective way to respond that I have found is to ask for the individual’s phone number and then call to set up a consultation. That way you can establish a personal contact with the potential client and more easily convert the contact into paid business.

For examples of Facebook Live posts, you can visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eaganimmigration/. They are all in Spanish, but even if you’re not a Spanish-speaker, you will get the gist. Now go get those clients!