By Amy Rios

The summer is in full swing and you likely have already pulled out your flip flops. Maybe they are starting to look shabby and in need of replacing…. but not so fast!  There is a simple solution to fix up those old sandals to give you a new, fun look for summer with just a couple of materials and a few short steps. Here we go!


Step One: Clean

Clean those sandals and make them look new again and it’s not hard or time consuming to do with this secret weapon, SOS cleaning pads! The dirt wipes off with minimum scrubbing!

Step Two: Select

Pick out how you want to design your sandals. We used rhinestones, thick decorative ribbon and sequins, but this is your time to make those boring flip flops your own, so get creative.

Step Three: Cut

Cut your material to the length of the flip flop strap. You will need four all together.

Step Four: Glue

Glue it on with long lasting heavy glue. I recommend adhesive gorilla glue.

Step Four: Dry

Put them in the sun to dry. You and your kids will love your updated sandals and are sure to have an original, personalized look for your feet! All the products you will need for this project can be found here.