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The change from little baby to toddler makes traveling with your little one a much different experience. (For tips on traveling with babies, click here.) I am sitting on the beach here in Cabo San Lucas and teamed up to share our best tips for traveling with a toddler.


1. Get more space on the plane


Wiggly toddlers need space to able to let their energy out, which makes an airplane a difficult place for them to stay cooped up for several hours. Getting more space means that your little one can have a bit more space to get freedom that she craves.

  • When traveling with a lap infant, book the aisle and the window seats. If someone books the middle seat it will be an easy switch.
  • Call the airline to ask them for a family row. I never knew this existed but somehow the agent was able to designate our row for a family which helped ensure no one snagged the middle seat.
  • Upgrade to first class. The extra legroom plus the close proximity to the bathroom makes first class a great option.


2. Invest in a good room


Ilearned this one the hard way. If you get a standard room, which is essentially a studio, then during nap time you are stuck whispering over the baby and sitting there quietly. By spending a little more for a one bedroom or a room with a patio, you still get the chance to hang out with your partner and enjoy your trip while your little one is napping.


3. Location is everything


Be choosy about the location of your room. Get a room very close to the main areas you want to be, such as the pool and the kids area. The switch from having fun to being completely exhausted can sneak up on you while on vacation and it's nice to be able to get to your room fast when your toddler has reached his pool/sun/vacation limit for the afternoon.


4. Go all inclusive if possible


There is one word that sums up why all inclusive is great with a toddler: hanger (hungry + anger). In our family, hanger can strike any of us at any time and it's something best avoided.  All-inclusive is great for price but definitely for convenience.


5. Bring a backpack

Baby bags simply don't cut it when traveling because we need to bring more than just the baby's items. Divided up the backpack by designating a pouch/pocket for each of us. It helps keep me organized and it hangs easily on the stroller so I can bring everything I need and don't even have to carry it.


What tips do you have for traveling with a toddler? Leave them below!


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