By Ally Kennedy, Founder of AMIGA

In our Amiga Facebook group, many of us have joined together in an effort to get healthier. As busy moms and lawyers, finding the time and motivation to work out can be difficult.  

Sometimes, all it takes is a little discipline to fall into healthy habits!  Here are a few ways that I have jumpstarted my quest for fitness:


1. Try a Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a way to help kick start healthy eating. It is essentially a reset button for your body. You eliminate toxins while also retraining your mind and body. It is easy to fall into bad habits such as overeating, eating too late, grabbing unhealthy snacks and food, etc. Sometimes food habits have to do with our mindset so the juice cleanse helps with disassociating daily patterns with food habits. 

Once you complete the juice cleanse, you feel inspired to get back onto the healthy eating track. 

2. Give it a Go with a 30-Day Challenge

The reasoning is: “I can do anything for 30 days.” The challenge can be involving food (such as trying to drink one green juice each day for 30 days, eliminating dairy for 30 days, etc.) or exercise. 

In our group we are doing a 30-day squat and plank challenge. We do a certain number of squats each day and plank for a certain amount of time each day.  Its easy to do wherever you find the time, and so far it’s been really fun!

3. Find a Type of Exercise You Enjoy

Do you love to dance? Try Zumba. Do you like to hike? Lace up those hiking boots. As an avid-gym avoider, I know that if I try to make myself go to the gym, I am setting myself up to fail so none of my healthy changes involve the gym.

My exercise of choice: 60 minutes walking on the treadmill at an incline of 6 at a speed of 3.5. I turn on my music, dance on the treadmill, text with my friends, and more. Of course I “could” be doing a harder work out but this is just enough for me. 

4. Make Workouts a Daily To-Do

Some people recommend scheduling workouts. As attorneys, our schedules often change from one moment to the next so that makes scheduling the workouts difficult. Instead, treat your workout as just one more item to-do on your to-do list. Know that along with briefs, filings, and client meetings, a workout is going to be part of the day. When you wake up with it in your mind that you will do a workout at some point in the day, you will be more likely to include it. 

5. Get the Family Involved

Find ways to create a healthy, active lifestyle for the whole family. Find and try new recipes together. (Cooking With Christie always gives some great ideas with fresh, seasonal ingredients.) Go for a walk together to the park. Play a game of tag or laser tag. There are so many ideas of how you can make it fun for everyone!

6. Join a Supportive Community

Everything is easier with the support of people cheering you on and working together to achieve the same goal. That’s why we started the “Amigas Getting Healthy and Fit” online event so we can encourage once another and work together to become the healthiest versions of ourselves!


What tips do you have for getting motivated for a fit and healthy lifestyle? 

About your Ally in Life, Business and Law:

Alexandra "Ally" Kennedy is a national award-winning attorney and the founder of AMIGA Lawyers and Alexandra Kennedy Immigration Law.. After becoming a mother, and in a matter of 3 months, Ally transformed her practice from earning in pesos to earning 6-figures and she is passionate about teaching attorneys how they can do the same. Ally empowers lawyers to be the CEOs of their law firms with her weekly blog, webinars, and conferences where she teaches step-by-step how to do the work they love while running a profitable legal business. Ally lives outside of Seattle with her partner and their 5 children.