It’s hard to be productive when you juggle too many tasks, yet we are Amigas so we have to get a lot of things done all at the same time. When you have a long list of things to do, it can seem insurmountable. With a little bit of strategizing, batching can help complete the tasks that you need to get done while still preserving your sanity.


What is Batching?

Batching is a way to intentionally manage your time and tasks. You combine similar tasks and complete them in succession at a dedicated time. For example, if you need to call several clients, you can batch the phone calls all at once.

And of course, since you have dedicated this time to doing one specific thing, this means your phone is out of reach, you're not checking Social Media and you're focused solely on the task at hand.  Consider all the time that is wasted while switching between tasks (i.e. checking your phone, email, etc incessantly).  


Why Batching?

By batching tasks together, you can maintain focus, build up momentum, and move through tasks more quickly. Because you can get into the rhythm, you're mentally focused and invested in what you're working on. And you won't need to stress about other tasks because you know you have made time for them and will get to them at their dedicated time. 

Batching also makes small tasks become one large task: complete all client FYI letters from this week instead of doing 15 individual letters as they come through the door.


Here are some other things you can batch:

  • Consultations: Block off 4-6 hour slots on certain days where you take consults and you don't take any outside of that block.
  • Social Media: The black hole that is social media can best be managed if you dedicate a prescheduled time to it each day. Or you can use it as a reward for accomplishing a big task/ completing a batch. For more cyber ideas, check out our article 3 Easy steps Toward Cyber Cleanup.  
  • Meetings: Meeting with clients, community contacts, staff, and more can quickly consume your working hours in a day. Try designating one day a week or half a day two days a week only to meetings.
  • Emails: Okay, admittedly this falls under "do as I say, not as I do." I need to work on this one. Though I have a virtual assistant who manages my inbox, I like to do a batch of emails first thing in the morning, and then another mid-afternoon.
  • Mail: Processing the mail is a huge task in our office because it involves preparing and mailing FYI letters, scanning, logging the mail in MyCase, and filing. Because of that, my assistant dedicates a 3 hour block each day to process the mail.

Now back to you... Do you use batching? What has worked for you?