By Amy Rios and Wendy Castellanos


We as parents are always looking for fun things to do for our kids, and fun things to entertain them with. We have some enjoyable ideas for your children that will put a little magic into their St. Patrick’s Day this year! If you try any of these leave a picture in the comment section, we would love to see your results or the excitement of your kid’s surprise!

1. Naughty or Nice Apple Juice

Every year my mom used to do this for me and my siblings and I remember it being so much fun that I had to do it for my daughter also. It’s one very simple trick for breakfast that will have your child thinking about rainbows and big pots of gold all day long. 

What you will need:

  • Green food dye
  • Apple Juice
  • A glass (wine or Champaign glasses work best because they dye is harder to see)

Put the food dye in ahead of time and have it waiting for them for breakfast.  Let them know that the little leprechaun turns their apple juice green if they have been good. Why do we have to wait until Christmas to con our kids into behaving? Then pour them their glass of apple juice, and watch the magic happen. The greener the apple juice obviously  means the better you were, so if you have more than one child make sure you put in the same amount of drops to avoid the yearly banter me and my brothers and sister had about who behaved better. While you have the dye out you can put a couple drops in their eggs for their green eggs and ham. 


2. A Magical Pot of Gold 

Who wouldn’t want to know that there was a little leprechaun running around your house while they were asleep or away at school?

What you will need:

  • Green paper of some type, I used sparkly green craft foam
  • A bowl
  • Little treats (anything that is rainbowy delicious!)
    • Lucky Charms
    • Air Head Xtremes
    • Skittles
    • Gold coin chocolates

Cut out little feet and make a trail to a big pot of treasure for your kids to discover! I topped mine off with some 10 peso coins which just so happen to be gold colored.


3. Rainbow Hand Prints

This is a fun one if you are ready for messy hands. Something to hang on the fridge or their bedroom door, to know the leprechaun is welcome in your home. 

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Paint/ paint brush
  • Little hands

I have found for hand prints to work best by taking your paint brush and painting their hand instead of dipping into paint. So you simply paint their hands, and work your way around the paper creating a rainbow. Then you or your child can add a pot of gold or other little touches to make it yours. (Tip we used a pencil eraser dipped in paint for going coins).


4. Shamrock Hair Clip, or Pin


What you will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue
  • Hair clip (or you can use a pin for a boy)

Start with a piece of ribbon for the stem, glue that to the hair clip, or pin.  Next, for the smaller loops, take a piece of ribbon fold in half and glue together at the end. Repeat 5 times. Now for the larger loops, take your next color and glue the ends the bottom of your first color. Repeat 5 times. The size of the ribbon is up to you. You can start smaller and use more colors to make larger by repeating these steps. Now to assemble; glue each piece into the shape of a shamrock, and then glue the whole piece towards the top of the clip so that it leaves the clip showing for the stem. Finish it off with a piece on the top (the white piece shown in mine) to cover the glue and cuts. You could also use a pearl piece or something similar. A couple of tips; Take a lighter quickly across the ends so they don’t fray and cut all your pieces before gluing so they will be the same size. And Then Tada! Your little one is ready to go to school in style for St. Patrick’s Day!