By Wendy Castellanos

Let's be honest, sometimes throughout the day we need a pick-me-up to lift our moods and infuse our day with a little more happiness. Who doesn’t want to be in a better mood? Not only does being in a better mood make us feel better, it also makes us more productive. 


Check out these daily activities to boost your mood now:

1. Journal

Many of us know the power of journaling; benefits include the ability to reduce stress, solve problems more clearly and really get to know yourself. Consider starting a “gratitude diary” to focus on life’s happiest moments. Keep the negative out (Silence Your Inner Mean Critic). Focus on people that make you happy, not things. Having a tough day? Imagine what life would be like without certain people/things and then document how they make you happy. 

Get creative: Your diary doesn’t have to be in the form of lists, maybe it’s a movie ticket stub or a sweet picture of your kiddo. Create a “gratitude scrapbook!”

2. Stretch

Take the time to stretch first thing in the morning and right before bed. Not only does stretching help reduce injuries, it also improves circulation and reduces stress. The best part, anyone can do it! Start with small, simple stretches. After years of sitting hunched over at a computer, my neck and shoulders were in constant pain but by implementing some easy stretches, my posture improved dramatically and my pain subsided. 

Get creative: Stretch during your work day. Stretch while in line at the grocery store. Stretch while sitting in traffic (Safely of course! No downward dog while behind the steering wheel!).


3. Prioritize

Raise your hand if your “to do” list has become a “I can’t do it all” list. Lets face it, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. That’s where prioritizing comes in. Whether you choose to focus on the smaller “low hanging fruit” that’s easier to get done or one big task, make sure you prioritize each day. 


Get creative: Make a daily “to do” list that separates important tasks vs. urgent tasks. Check out Marie Forleo’s video to learn how.


For the best outcome, make sure you practice these activities daily. For other ways to practice happiness, check out Simple Self-Care Tips, 5 Habits To Being Your Happiest Self, and Mindfulness Breaks at the Office.

Share your story! What made you happy today? What boosted your mood?

Wendy Castellanos is the VP of Communications for AMIGA. She lives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she is a proud wife to her husband, Eli, and a proud mom to her son, Max Elliott. She is passionate about immigration reform and enjoys spending time with her families in Seattle, WA and Mexico City, Mexico.