By Brenda German

Words can have an everlasting effect on the person that you are speaking with therefore it is important to be conscious of the words that you are using to communicate. When a potential client calls your firm to set up a consultation you have about 30 seconds to 5 minutes (the approximate duration of that initial phone call) to set a positive pitch.*

*The thought of you viewing this initial phone call as a "pitch" might be new to you if you have never worked in sales, however you are selling legal services. Sales does not have to be a dirty word. You are doing great work, and if people do not come speak with you, then you do not get the opportunity to transform their lives with the work that you do. 


Using ineffective words and phrases can ruin the delivery of the pitch that you are trying to give and turn people off. That first phone call is the first contact that people have with your law firm so it is extremely important that it is a positive experience for them. 


There are words that can encourage your pitch and help you get the person in for a consultation or to help them sign a contract while there are also words that can kill your pitch. The use of one or two negative words in your delivery can be seemingly innocent but several of them used together can be the reason why you don’t seal the deal. 


Here is an overview of negative words along with their positive counterparts so you can transform your language to help sign up new clients and continue to do the great work that you are doing.