The images from Syria have shaken us to our cores. As mothers, our hearts are broken. As immigration lawyers, we intimately understand the plight and struggles of refugees. We cannot stand idly by and do nothing, but it was hard to find the best way to help.

Finally we found the way: provide baby carriers (such as Ergo and Baby Bjorn) to mothers who are fleeing on foot with young children. It is our hope that these carriers will make the long, treacherous journey a bit easier. 

We will be sending the carriers to Macedonia, a landlocked country located above Greece.  It is a throughway for the majority of Syrian refugees who are making their way into other European countries, such as Germany.

If you have a carrier you would like to donate, you can send it to:

AMIGA Lawyers | 506 2nd Ave Suite 1400 | Seattle, WA 98104