By Wendy Castellanos

Let's face it, flying can be a hassle and once you add a baby to the mix, things can be even more complicated. Here are quick tips for avoiding stress while traveling with a baby. 

1. Select your flight wisely.

If your flight is really long, maybe a direct flight isn't best. Sometimes having a layover isn't so bad, it can give you and baby a break from being cooped up in those small seats. 

2. Pick your seat in advance.

For frequent nursing babes, pick a window seat for added privacy. For your little wiggle worm, choose an aisle seat for easy aisle access. And just avoid the middle all together! Bonus tip: Before checking in for your flight, see if there is an open row and change seats accordingly. 

3. Pack smart.

Most airlines allow 2 free baby items so take advantage. I use car seat and stroller bags because they help me carry items as a backpack and I can stuff them full of other baby goodies since they are free to check. Even though my Baby Jogger stroller bag set me back about $80, it actually insures the stroller in the event of a loss.  

4. Transport your babe in style.

For younger babes, I'm a big fan of carrying them in an Ergo carrier. I love that it keeps baby close and shields them from strangers with grabby hands. When you use a carrier, you don't have to take baby out when you go through security (score!). For older babies, a simple umbrella stroller works. My son loves the view as he's pushed around the airport in style and it also doubles as a high chair for a quick airport snack. You can use it all the way up to the airplane door and it's there waiting for you once you get off the plane. The only downside is that you have to take baby out when going through security. 

5. Be aware of the amenities your airline/airport has to offer.

Most planes have a diaper changing station above the toilet in at least one bathroom which makes changing diapers much easier than in your seat. Some airlines offer bassinets for little, sleepy ones. Most airports offer mother rooms for nursing, for example SFO (San Francisco) offers cozy rooms called "nurseries" where you can camp out and nurse your babe in a peaceful environment. 


Comment below to share your favorite air travel tip. Bon Voyage!