By: Wendy Castellanos, Vice President of Communications for Amiga

No matter their age, there is no shortage of our kids needing "mommy." Sometimes things flow easily and there seems to be time for everything. Other times are completely overwhelming and out of balance. In those difficult moments, it is easy for us push ourselves and our relationships to the bottom of the priority list. Taking great care of yourself and being attuned to your needs makes for a happier life and a happier family. Self-care is not an indulgence, it is a necessity.  

As a new mom, there was a period of pure bliss that followed my son's birth, and then, the everyday reality set in. Everything was different. I could never live the same, carefree way I had in the past. My relationship with my husband had suddenly changed too. I hate to even say it, but we became "roommates" despite pledging not to. Our conversations had shifted to nothing but work and the baby. I felt conflicted because I did not want ever be apart from the baby. It finally reached a point where I had to take some "me" time so I could be more present for my husband and my child.  

Here are some simple ways to re-energize:

Wendy Castellanos is the Vice President of Communications for the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys (AMIGA Lawyers). She spent 12 years climbing the corporate ladder at Nordstrom Corporate in Seattle, WA and was most recently an Instructional Designer. Due to immigration circumstances, she relocated to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where she is a proud wife to her husband, Eli, and a proud mother to her son, Max Elliott. For more information about AMIGA, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @AMIGALaywers and #AMIGALawyers, or email us at