TECH TIME: Apps You'll Love

Here at Amiga HQ, we recently fell in love with a new app, Microsoft's OneNote. It's an online notebook that helps you organize your thoughts and store information. 

Imagine having a space to keep your notes in one place - you can type notes, make checklists, record audio or snap a picture and OneNote saves it. Your notes sync across devices so it can be used on your laptop or your phone, even when you're offline! You can make different notebooks for different things that you need to organize, such as birthday party planning, upcoming deadlines, staff organization, and the like. 

A few other favorites include:

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic. Traffic got you in a daze? Fret no more, Waze helps you find the fastest route and even alerts you of cops along the way (wink, wink). Use Waze to outsmart traffic and get to where you need to go faster. 

Lucyphone. Lucy is a free hold-time helper. She holds for you so you don't spend your precious time on hold (NVC anyone?!) or go crazy with annoying hold time music. She holds your spot until a live agent handles your call.

Little Hoots. Kids say the darnedest things! Use this app to capture the funny things your little one says. More than pictures, LittleHoots makes it easy to capture moments, quotes, and images of your kids.

We're always looking for the latest and greatest apps that make life a little easier, so comment below to share with your AMIGAs!