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A warm welcome to the Amiga Lawyers – an online community <Or, network> united over immigration law and motherhood. Or, more specifically, the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys.


Being an attorney is intense, being a mom is even more so. Throw running a solo practice on top of it, and it can be downright overwhelming. (Hello crazy deadlines, endless to-do's, and weekly soccer matches.)

However, when done right, it is the most rewarding life possible (remembering the client who cried when we won, remembering our bambino's first steps).

And so, we’ve come together. To celebrate our wins, support our loses, and learn the tips and tricks that enable us to achieve this wildly rewarding life as a Lawyer Mom, as an Amiga.

We're thrilled you've found us, now, won't you join us?

To the pursuit of liberty, business, and life ~