U VISA Client Communication Letters


U VISA Client Communication Letters


The purpose of this packet is to help you keep your clients updated and informed about each step of their U-Visa case and save you the hours that it takes to (1) put together detailed letters and (2) translate them into Spanish. 

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All of the letters are provided in Microsoft Word so that you can change, edit, update, or modify in any way that you would like. Make them your own! Feel free to add, subtract, and delete any information that you deem appropriate.  

All letters are provided in both English and Spanish. 

Here is what you will receive in this packet:

  1. Engagement letter (aka Thank You Letter) explaining the U-Visa process, U-Visa Cap, and U-Visa Backlog with attached U-Visa Proof List and Support Letter Guide.
  2. FYI Letter to Client explaining that the U-Visa has been submitted with an overview of next steps. It provides another summary of the U-Visa process. 
  3. FYI Letter to Client to provide after you receive the U-Visa Receipt Notice. It explains each receipt notice and outlines next steps. 
  4. Biometrics FYI Letter to Client with the date, time, and location of the biometrics appointment with instructions.
  5. Monthly VSC Status Update Letter to Client which explains current processing times for the U Visa and Deferred Action. It again gives an overview of the U-Visa cap and the U-Visa backlog.